ATEPISA is present in a wide variety of sectors (Oil and Gas Chemical, Glass and Ceramics, Paper, Food, Energy, Cement and Pharmaceutical Industry), with large projects in progess. Our work covers for the above fields, detailed services.     

Los beneficios de trabajar con nosotros

We are present in all phases of the project, providing customers our experience and knowledge from the first consultation, and helping to find the best technical and economical solution in each case. Our advice is aimed at laying the foundations for developing engineering projects (FEED). Our multi-disciplinary teams are capable of delivering every aspect of a project, from its initial conception, through to project management and site supervision. Our areas of expertise include: techno-economic studies; front-end and detailed design; upgrade and optimisation plans

Our great capacity for development of basic and detail engineering allows us to act in all phases of the project saving additional costs on third parties.

Basic Engineering allows, thanks to the knowledge gained in over 29 years of experience, our department consists of qualified professionals develop projects according to the indications and needs of our customers.

Through detailed engineering the characteristics of the project in question are analyzed and, from a comprehensive study of all aspects of the project, carried to its logical conclusion, the various aspects of it.

As part of the development of projects Turnkey Facilities, ATEPISA has the means and trained professionals to develop assembly processes and monitoring of implementation.

ATEPISA develops, individually or together with our partner companies, projects covering engineering, procurement and construction. We work with major suppliers and subcontractors sectors

We have experience in a variety Turnkey Facilities:
Heat Recovery Systems, Process Plants, Cogeneration Plants, Vacuum Systems, Cryogenic Plants, Network Support Services.

ATEPISA has implemented a purchasing department and outsourcing, managed by professionals with proven experience in the industrial sector. The aim of this department is to optimize procurement processes and adapt to the current conditions of national and international market.